4 Differences between Blogs and Websites that You Must Know!

It’s the same with paid ads, you have to have good page quality to get top rankings or positions.

However, the thing to note is that Google will change the standard for websites that will be ranked through its algorithm in order to provide the best result information to website visitors.

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Some of the Features in the SERP and How to Optimize it


Search engine results pages have changed visually over the years. Not only displays the name of the site, but it also displays images, products, information cards, news and others.

Some of the information that appears on the search results page includes:

  1. Infographic Features
    Generally, a panel or box-shaped search results page appears on the right side of the search results page.
  2. Paid Results Feature
    These results will display results Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List that contain sponsored labels or advertisements.
  3. Universal Results
    That is the result of organic search that we usually find in the SERP.
  4. Rich Snippet
    Namely Google will display a summary in various forms according to the query typed by the user

If you want to use or maximize search engine results pages, either one of the features or all of them.

Make sure you optimize your website. Here are some ways you can do it, including:

a. Google Ads

To get the best results when doing Google paid advertising is to create a high-quality site, namely by paying attention to the quality of the content or website that you have.

The advantage of using Google ads is that DV Leads your website will appear before organic search results.

So, the possibility of visitors clicking or visiting your website will be higher.

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b. Keyword and Image Content Optimization

The search engine results page will later display some of the image results obtained when typing in a keyword. This can help us in getting visitors.

Slightly different from articles, the optimization that must be done on images is by inserting relevant queries in the Alt Text (Alternave Text) section. Some things to consider when optimizing images to appear on search engine results pages include:

  • File Name
  • Caption
  • Relevant Text


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