rich snippets What is Rich Snippets Rich Snippets, or Google Snippets, are insertions of information directly into HTML that better organize and classify content. And so guide crawlers through your site more easily. In the SERP, they are displayed as separate information, so that they help the user to decide whether or not it is worth leaving the search engine and accessing another page that appears in the organic search. Google Snippets is good for the user Rich snippets help you get better results with SEO as it enhances the Google user experience. This happens because without leaving the SERP, the Internet user can identify the type of content he will find when accessing the page. And when Title, Description and URL are optimized, the chances of Click-through Rate and Bounce Rate reduction, which is the bounce rate, are 2 of the more than 200 factors to rank on Google.

Speeds up indexing on Google Marking this type of data makes it easier for Googlebots to crawl the site, as the robots understand more quickly what the page’s content is about. The execution time is short, that is, the faster you do it, the faster the indexing of your website pages will be. Sitelink These were created to improve the Google search user’s browsing experience. Sitelinks are the links displayed just below some search results. Thus, they are only there because the search engine understood that this linking helps Internet users to navigate better and find the information they are looking for faster. There is no possibility to configure sitelinks in Google Search Console . In order for your site to have sitelinks displayed on the SERP, it needs to be in the top position.

Thus, ranking is only possible with a good SEO work. And that includes using structured data on pages. Product Rich snippets work to organize and classify the content of your pages in an optimized way. Marking strategic data for products in rich snippets makes it easier for search engines to understand the relevance of your product page and, consequently, better positions the online store in organic search results. In this way, the click-through rate increases and, naturally, the chances of conversion. The use of rich snippets in e-commerce HTML also helps Internet users who are searching because, while still in the SERP, they have access to additional information about the product, price type, availability and rating of reviews. Data tagging on products This type of markup was done directly in Google Search Console or also via Schema. Search Console is no longer part of the tool’s dashboard.

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