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Doing that a little better now, but it’s certainly not perfect yet. At all times when I am fully engaged in my work, I keep my partner away from her studies. So by continuously communicating and planning together, we both try to succeed as much as possible in our professional and academic lives while enjoying parenthood at the same time.” Evert Hemelaar, Senior Account Executive Marketing Cloud “Since I became a father, me-time has been in last place for a while. My focus is now mainly on my son Julian and the time we spend together as a family. Luckily I don’t mind at all; I deliberately chose this together with my wife. I am a huge proponent of equality.

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I believe that caring for our baby, who is now almost two years old, is as much my job as my partner’s. And that’s how we happily raise him together. We both work full time. I don’t think that we as parents now have less chance of developing our career, on the contrary. Parenting offers immensely valuable lessons that contribute to your Germany Phone Number List development. Because we work a lot, Julian goes to a very nice daycare center in Heemstede. The time we spend together during the week, especially mornings and evenings, is very valuable to us as a family. When Julian is there, we have his full attention. I used to be on my phone while eating.

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I don’t do that anymore with Julian around; I try to be aware of the attention he deserves. My advice to (new) fathers would be: go for it completely. Your life is changing and you will have to organize your time differently. But that was DV Leads your own choice, not the child’s. Just take that road and don’t look back. Make agreements with your partner about me-time, take 1:1 time with your child and, above all, keep doing fun things with your partner. Arrange a babysitter and go out for a nice meal together, otherwise it is easy to lose sight of each other.” Gijs de Groot, Regional Vice President Enterprise Sales “When I became a father, I very consciously intended to work in the Netherlands.

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