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With micro egrees, soft skills can be convert into har skills Micro-egrees, highly specific online egrees for a particular subject of stuy, can brige this gap. Instea of aing to the current $1.7 trillion in stuent ebt , people can now quickly earn very specific egrees to get new jobs in certain areas, such as IT. In aition, micro egrees can also help avance people in inustries they alreay work in or provie them with opportunities if they have been lai off. Trailhea from Salesforce is one of the training platforms that offer shorter courses for certificates or accritations so people can improve their skills. While technology can increase inequality, it can also be us to o the opposite by giving equal opportunities to people of all backgrouns.

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Uring the panemic, service sector workers foun it easier to switch to working from home. Factory workers, on the other han, were more likely to be expos to risks from their front-line work. This isparity between low- an high-skill workers may be a reason for K-shap recovery, further wiening the gap between people by proviing Jamaica WhatsApp Number List better opportunities to those with transferable soft skills. “There is an opportunity to change the way we acquire skills,” sai Anrew McAfee, co-irector an co-founer, MIT Initiative on the igital Economy; principal research scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). “In many cases, the use of technology itself, in particular, may play a role in the reskilling revolution.

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People want to acquire new skills. Governments an companies have the requir tools an responsibility to help them o so. If they on’t, too many people will be left behin. But that oesn’t have to be the case. BY BRIAN SOLIS Get the most DV Leads out of your CRM: eight tips an insights to help IN BEST PRACTICES , CRM , RESEARCH , IGITAL TRANSFORMATION Get the most out of your CRM: eight tips an insights to help on’t want to miss anything? Sign up for our online newsletter an stay inform of the latest content! It is not surprising that CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is in the NA of Salesforce.

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