Another example of using variables is to save

 Let’s take an example. You can create a collection of variables for your desktop design system but . At the same time . Add a different mode of the same variables for when working on the mobile version of your project. In fact . The colors or texts that you might use on the desktop version of a site may be different on mobile; however . There is no need to create further new variables . It’s just a matter of adding new modes by going up to the + button that you find in the collections.

What better place than collections

 It is possible to create different modes country email list for the same variables; this can be useful when designing for different devices (like mobile/desktop) how to use variables in figma as written at the beginning . Variables  . By storing values (but also colors and boolean operators) . Can be useful when defining a design system. Before launching into the design of an interface . It is in fact advisable to equip yourself with a color/font system (but not only) to be used consistently during all phases of work . What better place than collections of variables to do all this? In fact . You can start creating color variables that save the main and secondary colors and gradually go into more and more detail (such as the colors to use when creating a transition state on a button) until you create collections.


The text and the rounding of its shape

 Another example of DV Leads using variables is to save . With numeric variables . The font size or rounding radius values to apply to the buttons . Everything you create . Save and organize in the collections will then be available in the design part when you design your elements (in particular . Your components ). See the example below: the padding applied to this button comes from the variable library we created a button and . Instead of defining the fill color . The text and the rounding of its shape . We leveraged the previously saved variables.


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