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Therefore, Many people base part of their marketing strategy on. Social Networks and spend a lot of time preparing the content, shaping the images, hashtags, links, etc. There are so many different social networks, any help is good to save time on this task. Which can be quite tedious. That is why it is very important to know how to create a campaign on Social Networks in the best way. Automate your and the fastest! Some time ago I published a very complete post about E-Goi . A powerful multichannel marketing tool and today. I bring you a new functionality that they have added that can be very interesting. For you if you use social networks in your marketing strategy: ‘ Post Social’ . Phases to design a website. What is ‘Social Post’ E-Goi ‘s ‘Post Social’ is a functionality that will allow. You to post on several social networks at the same time from the same place.

What is 'Social Post'

However, It is a very new feature that does not offer – as far as I know – any tool of this type, so it is something executive email list to take into account if you are one of those who spend time on social networks. If you’ve already used Metricool or Hootsuite , ‘Post Social’ can save you having to use those tools.  In fact, an aspect that would give it extra power – and which I have already suggested – would be being able to schedule a post just once for several dates . For example, self-publish on the 20th of each month for 12 months. E-goi email marketing and automation How to create a campaign on Social Networks with ‘Post Social’ by E-Goi Using the ‘Post Social’ functionality is very simple. I am going to tell you the steps you must take.

How to create a campaign on Social Networks with 'Post Social' by E-Goi

Create the campaign: to do this you must go to Communicate > Post Social. General campaign type. In addition, here the option you selected in point 1 will already be marked, a step that could well have been saved if you have already selected the option. Type of social campaign: A single shipment: you can schedule a normal shipment, adding the content manually. RSS: You can Automate your choose to have your latest content from your blog feed published automatically without touching anything manually. If you use WordPress, your RSS feed . You can decide to create the post from scratch , taking ideas that. E-Goi provides you or choosing your own template that you DV Leads have created. In our case, we will choose ‘From scratch’. Ideas provided by E-Goi Name and social profiles .We choose the name of the campaign and the social profiles where the content will be published.

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