Buyer Persona and how to create it

Buyer-persona What is the Buyer Persona? The Buyer Persona is a semi-fictional representation of what would be the ideal potential client or buyer of our business. In this case, we go beyond the demographic data and needs that determine the target audience and make a much more specific and emotional definition, as if you were talking about a “real person.” Many people tend to confuse this concept with the target or objective audience , and although we can say that they have a certain similarity or, rather, that they complement each other,

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A Buyer Persona is more than a simpleĀ job function email list set of demographic data with which to identify our general public. In a way, it is a bit like creating a profile of a character for a novel or movie, defining their personality and character according to their: behavior, tastes, motivations, routine, personal needs, level of education, profession, family or personal situation, etc We would thus form a person who, although fictitious, could very well represent any individual we encounter on a daily basis, and more importantly,

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A possible client of your company . Let’s see a practical DV Leads example of Buyer Persona Let’s look at a practical example of this concept, so that you can clarify a little more, since sometimes simple definitions tend to be somewhat meaningless without something to illustrate it: Meet Carlos, an ideal client of our baking business. Practical Example of Buyer Persona Carlos is 39 years old and lives in my city, Barcelona. He has a degree in Business Administration and has had his own event organization business for 5 years.

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