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Yes Or rather at first I was itching to include Instagram as an important channel in my marketing… But I had to think realistically Do I really have time for something like that And my answer at the beginning was No. Right from the start I want to use my limit time for something that wouldn t just fizzle out but would actually benefit me in the long term . That s why I said No first of all no social mia for this business the important things first. And that was for me rank up on Google and build my email list. But maybe I should start from the beginning and tell you what I do. I m Victoria Weber Squarespace and online branding specialist.

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Brown hair woman sits at the table and looks at the laptop Squarespace is the website tool my website runs on… Yes exactly. For those who haven t heard of it Squarespace is a pretty good website tool for anyone who doesn t like code backups and unnecessarily complicat technology. Actually Squarespace falls into the building block category but I think they ve outgrown that a long time ago. It s great to work with even as a non Kazakhstan Phone Number List technical person and the websites look great. That s why I ve completely specializ in it. I run a web design agency sell templates basically turnkey websites and have courses for anyone who wants to learn Squarespace or SEO for Squarespace.

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This year I am also starting a group program for web designers. All this so far without posting much on social mia. Many freelancers are very afraid that if they don t post on social mia they won t get any more customers… What experiences DV Leads have you had with social mia in the course of your self employment I found my first company Mermaid Stories a watch and jewelry label back in 2016. Back then social mia was of course something else but I had already seen there how much time it can eat up using different channels.

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