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They are still super enthusiastic when dad is home, my children are 6 and 7 years old. That enthusiasm will probably diminish, I expect, once they are teenagers. Then it may be time to work more internationally again. Working from home has given me much more of my children than usual. I really like that, we really have the greatest fun together. Yet sometimes it is also quite a logistical operation: taking them to school, picking them up from friends, making sure they go to b on time. Both me and my girlfriend work full time, so it is important that we make good agreements: who does what and when? Fortunately, we both understand that we ne to plan things well.

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Nevertheless, it sometimes remains a puzzle, especially when Covid-19 still had to be homeschool. It is then important not to be too stress and to relax about it. Fortunately, my girlfriend and I are of the same opinion: it must remain fun. Salesforce is a huge support in this. There is every understanding if you have to pick up your kids Greece Phone Number List from school or take them to hockey and tennis. I also sometimes work in the evening or the weekend, in the end it’s about finishing your work and delivering results. In addition, Salesforce gives the option of having three months of paternity leave. Unfortunately, that arrangement was not yet in place when I became a father, but I think it is a very good development. In this way, the father experiences the transition to fatherhood even more consciously.

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After all, there are still some misconceptions about working fathers: they only do the “fun” things with the children, they never show emotions to their offspring and they only work. That is certainly not the case with our family: we DV Leads have divid all tasks evenly (almost). In recent years I have learn one good lesson: when I am with my children, I am really there for them and I give them 100% attention. Then I don’t hang on the phone, but I make sure we have quality time.

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