Communicate the Date Currently

This technique allows you to be present with your audience during periods when your community manager is not in front of his computer! However, break times, weekends or holidays are times when your subscribers are online (since they are not working during these periods either!). To do this, it’s simple. When you create a story in the “Business Suite” application, click on “Share to”. Select the accounts (Facebook and/or Instagram), then “schule for later”: schule a facebook story A calendar appears where you can choose the date and time schule a facebook story.

The Beginning and at the End

Test without being afraid to innovate To ensure the success of a story, bet on creativity! The possibilities are endless, especially since Facebook gives you stickers, emoticons and gifs to have fun with. In fact, this format allows you to be more creative and entertaining than News Fe posts. Take the opportunity to challenge your community US Business Email List in a fun way, offer them surveys , quizzes, games … and see how your subscribers react! For example, the Quintesens brand offer a very funny survey, as Christmas approach. Subscribers were invit to vote for their favorite Christmas sweater.

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The Mastermind in My Mastermind

Facebook story This type of content humanizes the brand, entertains the audience and reinforces its sympathy capital with customers and prospects. Only by offering different content and analyzing engagement will you know what works! Which brings us to the next tip… 13. Track the performance of your Facebook stories In order DV Leads to optimize your future stories and get the desir level of engagement, analyze their performance. There are several ways to access your Facebook Stories statistics: Via the stories directly The first option is to navigate to one of your active stories and tap the eye icon in the lower left corner. This will give you a list of subscribers who view your content: Facebook stories Through Facebook Stories Insights You can also see the performance of stories via the “Statistics” tab of your Facebook page.

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