Do You Foresee Different Strategies for Each Channel

 For example by clicking on the organic traffic label you can check which specific search terms or long tail keywords are bringing more visitors to your site. And even in this case it is possible to develop some analyses: MOST OF THE KEYWORDS THAT BRING VISITORS TO THE SITE ARE VARIATIONS OF THE COMPANY NAME: as in the case of direct traffic superior to organic traffic people know the company and are looking for you but you are not appearing in the search engine results with the your specific pages and offers.

A Landing Page Must

THERE ARE RELEVANT KEYWORDS THAT BRING TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE BUT DO NOT GENERATE CONVERSIONS: in this case you appear in the search engine results and from there Business Lead users arrive at your site but the conversion rate into leads is poor because it is not support by adequate tools. It is therefore necessary to intensify the content offering for new visitors. One of the main elements that supports lead generation is the landing page a landing page that can become the first point of contact on the company website . Offer quality content to users to advance them in the conversion process usually including forms to fill out.

If the Analysis of Sources is Essential

To know and develop a correct plan to increase qualifi traffic the careful analysis of the statistics of your landing pages is essential to proce with the analysis of the conversion process. It is possible to sort the landing pages by number of compilations of the form contain within them to calculate the conversion rate (ideally a landing page DV Leads must offer a conversion % greater than 20%). landing page 1 In this example you can see a very high performing page with a 35% conversion rate.

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