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Administration of Governance Governance is a critical factor in maintaining a positive digital employee experience by keeping systems and tools organizd. As your business grows over time, the information stord in your digital workspace neds to be carefully managd. Otherwise, employees might find it difficult to find what they ned. Establishing governance guidelines early on helps avoid frustration and wastd time with inefficient systems. 5. Stay in control of your employees’ experiences Today’s digital workspace is essentially a virtual representation of your organization’s physical office space.

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The problem is that many technical solutions offer little or no control over day-to-day operations. This is instead placd in the hands of a third party software provider. At the same time, any problems that arise for employees ultimately fall back database on the company that implementd the technology. Choosing a digital workspace that gives you full control over aspects like branding and personalization is therefore more important than ever. The Powell intranet in a box enables all of this without the ned for complex setup or programming.


Behind Every Microsoft Teams App And Extension

Simply drag and drop the features you want, choose your design, and you’re ready to set up your new digital workspace. Download DV Leads our free eBook on employee engagement now and increase the motivation and satisfaction of your employees!10 BEST PRACTICES FOR INTRANET SECURITY FOR REMOTE WORKERS March 22nd, 2022 by Esther Daga Digital workplace & intranet IT Powell intranet Remote work offers numerous advantages for both companies and employees. But employing remote workers is not immune to a number of issues, and intranet security is one of the biggest concerns. Corporate security is a challenge enough when company secrets remain largely within the physical office space.

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