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The method was first us in marketing in the USA in the 1980s and then gradually spill over to us. I m not on social mia myself and I don t follow every fancy trend. Because I prefer to spend time with my kids or yoga. The methods I choose should help me build a sustainable business . And please without posing and showing off. If you re saying Oh that sounds good read on Because I can assure you that storytelling will never go out of style and is definitely timeless. It will help you to do authentic and sustainable marketing. Why am I convinc Because we humans simply think in stories.

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We always have. Even back when there was no marketing and our ancestors sat around the campfire and shar their knowlge there After the hero i.e. your customer has followed the plan with your help he has solved his problem and returns Switzerland Phone Number List to his life. And that s definitely better than where you started. Show empathy on the website When we are empathic it means that we can empathize with the other. This requires that we really  listen. And also that we dare to admit that we once had similar problems. Or have experienced closely how others cope with such experiences. Specifically you can do the following Listen to what your customers say.. or scribbl stories on the cave walls.  Storytelling on your website OK. Now what does that have to do with my website ” you might be wondering.

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Yes I will also tell you later about where you can integrate a little story here and there on your website. But now let s go back a few steps and imagine your whole website as a story . To be more precise as a specific story plot i.e. a kind DV Leads of story structure. The kind that all good stories follow from Nemo to Star Trek to Harry Potter to Ratatouille. We envision your website as a hero s journey If you recall all of the stories I ve just list you ll find that they all follow the following sequence The hero s journey in marketing storytelling If we push this to your website.

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