Experience an Event an Experience or a Way

The light. The air. the calm. The highlight is the huge magnolia tree which is in full bloom right now. Huhz.  7 45 o clock After the walk and about two hours after getting up the time has finally come I m awake. Today is my human day. That means Today I will primarily take care of customers and interest parties and have a virtual coffee with a colleague. First I check the Slack channel in the mastermind . Everything is still calm here. Then it s my inbox. Since I no longer use social mia for my business it is always well fill. But I also aim a bit at it I have to say.

Get New Customers This is How the Fomo

My customers email me their texts for feback. The comment function in my blog is deactivat so many people thank you for articles by e mail. And in my newsletter too I keep asking questions that many people answer. So I am definitely “social” even without social mia. In my own way. This is how marketing works without Malta Phone Number List social mia 8 o clock The most important business task of the day Write. That s why it s the first thing I do once I ve sort myself out for the day and answer the most pressing emails. I have three book projects that I m working on in parallel.

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Phenomenon Manifests Itself

On almost every day. About an hour. It wasn t until after deleting social mia that I establish this habit. Today writing the book seamlessly transitions into writing for my blog . I have the idea of ​​writing down my everyday life as a freelancer without social mia yes this article here and jot down a few keywords right away. An Instastory as DV Leads a blog article so to speak. 9 15 a.m Break. Breakfast. Breathe. And a little housekeeping. Since I stopp spending my day on social mia I actually have time for the craziest things… load the dishwasher for example.  Or the dog who is terribly afraid of the loud razor to carefully snip off another square centimeter of fur with the scissors.

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