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Video-editor-edit-video-donuts-split-audio-track-14 Layer Audio To add commercial music click the audio button and browse the library. You can also upload your own music or voiceovers. Drag and drop audio tracks to adjust when they stop and start and raise or lower the volume as necessary. You can also change how the tracks fade in or out to create a better sound experience. tiktok-ai-script-generator-layer-audio-add-music-and-voiceovers-drafts-tiktok-video-editor-all-music-electronic-wild-spaghetti-15 Choose Effects and

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Transitions To add the library and then drag and drop onto a clip. Note that effects apply business database to the entire clip. tiktok-ai-script-generator-choose-effects-and-transitions-drafts-tiktok-video-editor-donuts-basic-effect-workflow-16 Use the same workflow for transitions. Select from the list of options and drag and drop to place the transition between clips. tiktok-ai-script-generator-workflow-for-transitions-drafts-tiktok-video-editor-donuts-basic-transition-workflow-17 Add Text Overlays Then add text overlays using the AI script to guide

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Pots-Try adding more detail than you think you need at first and then cut unnecessary information to improve the results. For example I added a brief description of the stores location and DV Leads found that the tool generated a much more relevant script. Attention Agency Owners Brand Marketers and Consultants Marketing Agency Show Introducing the Marketing Agency Show–our newest podcast designed to explore the struggles of agency marketers. Join show host and agency owner Brooke Sellas as she interviews

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