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One of the most common ways is certainly to scale the offer . The classic is no longer to work 1 1 but to develop offers in which you work with several people at the same time . But there is so much more than just the self learning online course that is often mention. There are umpteen ways to scale offers. It is crucial that I know What suits me What suits my customers What goes with the offer I have Another possibility is to scale the marketing for example because I want bigger launches or because I switch to evergreen and only launch when I feel like.

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For me scaling also includes structures systems and tools that can then take on many tasks for me. Even if my customers are still relatively at the beginning and are not yet ready to scale I think you can still take a look What are you doing at the moment How you do that Where could you make it easier for yourself In your opinion is it possible Netherlands Phone Number List to scale too early Yes definitely. Before I scale I ne to know Who do I want to work with How do I work with him What message do I want to convey anyway And to whom Especially at the beginning it happens quite often that you think to some customers Okaaaaay.

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I d rather not. Thanks. So I definitely should have work with people on this topic before although not necessarily in this format. A common mistake would be for example as a beginner to say I m going to develop an online course. . From DV Leads my point of view there is a great risk that it will not be sold. Are there any of your customers who actually scale completely without social mia Yes there are a few. A customer for example likes to write newsletters and thus builds trust with the people who are already with her.

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