Can Growth and Financial Success

A mistake many entrepreneurs make is to make themselves a hero. We hear everywhere that we should sell ourselves well and emphasize our arguments more. So let s start with We are the market leader the most innovative company in the industry. Yawn. This is fatal. Website visitors didn t visit your website to marvel at you . It is inde our website. But on this our customer is in the center. The customer is the hero He is at the center of what you do. And your site. Not you. And all those who belong to the modest kind anyway maybe even breathe a sigh of relief after having to blow themselves up all the time because that s suppos to be the way it s suppos to be done. He has a problem.

So Nicely But What is the Alternative

Yes that s why he end up on your website. He cannot handle any challenge on his own and looks for help. He feels a conflict or a longing. Both can be visible either inside or outside. For example he s not getting anywhere with his business. Or with his partner his children his dogs. Or with his health. But it can also be an inner conflict Thailand Phone Number List that drives him around. His unfulfill longing for freom. Or for authenticity. Or harmony. He meets a mentor… Now we finally come to you and your proper role in it all. On the role of mentor. The one who supports the hero stands by him and hopefully helps him to solve the problem.

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Thinking Now That S All Well and Good

To be trustworthy here you ne two qualities above all competence and empathy. More on that in a moment because these two points form the center of your communication on your website. The hero gets a plan. The plan is the guide DV Leads that the hero must follow to get to the solution to his problem. He gets the plan from you in the form your newsletter your freebie your products With the plan under his arm he starts running. He comes back.

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