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The World Economic Forum, together with us and other partners, therefore launch ; a global movement to support the growth, restoration and conservation of as many as 1 trillion trees worldwide by 2030. Thanks to this initiative, we can help slow global warming, boost biodiversity and help restore part of our planet’s ecosystem. At Salesforce, we think that is a good and necessary mission, because a lot still nes to be done to realize a sustainable planet . That is why, as a founding partner of, we have committ to grow 100 million trees worldwide and restore nature in the next decade. Food Forest: a food forest that stimulates biodiversity In the Netherlands, we have therefore join a sustainability initiative of the Trees for All foundation to realize a Food Forest.

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That is a forest where not only trees, but also nuts and berries grow. The great thing is that this forest attracts many insects and birds. This has a positive effect on agriculture in the area, because the insects pollinate the Denmark WhatsApp Number List plants again. The food forest therefore really stimulates biodiversity on all fronts. The Salesforce & Friends Zonnego Food Forest Of course we want to make a big impact and include everyone in our mission. Moreover, a forest is also for everyone to enjoy! That is why we invit all our partners to join this sustainability initiative and realize the food forest together.

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The food forest will soon be locat in Flevoland on the land of Zonnego , a biodynamic company own by the sustainable, vegan farmer Joost. What we have with trees at Salesforce Trees have always been intertwin in our company DV Leads in several ways. For example, we grow a new tree for every new employee. We also regularly link tree initiatives to our marketing activities. Of course, if we want to grow 100 million trees worldwide this decade, more is ne.

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