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That was exactly what the Dutch retail chain HEMA has been doing for the past year and a half. In this blog, Richard Flint, COO of HEMA, provides tips for quickly scaling up your online activities, such as setting up new customer journeys and working closely with your partners. Think outside the box If there’s anything we’ve learn from the past year, it’s that flexibility is an absolute must. All stores were forc to close their doors and webshops were fac with unprecent demand, so retailers had to switch quickly to meet the new customer nes.

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At HEMA, for example, we saw that we achiev four to five times as much turnover via the web shop. The demand was similar to Black Friday , but eight weeks in a row. “When it became clear what the consequences of covid were, we knew that we had to focus mainly on flexibility,” says Flint. “The pandemic accelerat the Croatia WhatsApp Number List already visible trends. So the question was how we could scale up to handle all those online orders quickly and properly. To do that, we had to think outside the box.” It may seem wise to opt for a broad strategy, but Flint advises to invest very specifically.

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We spent a lot of time thinking about exactly what we want to achieve and what our customers expect from us, and finally decid to focus on one or two things,” said Flint. Set up new customer journeys If you want to keep up with the DV Leads huge demand, you can’t do without efficient, digital customer journeys that maximize your current resources. For example, HEMA has chosen to send online orders from the stores and to expand the existing click-and-collect option with an option to reserve a collection time. In this way, HEMA was able to maximize distribution while continuing to deploy the stores and store employees.

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