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DIRECT TRAFFIC IS GREATER THAN ORGANIC TRAFFIC: it means that only people who know the site are finding it perhaps by directly entering the URL into the browser. However those who are carrying out a keyword search do not arrive at your site search engines do not position it in the right way favoring other sites. In this case an SEO intervention or even better a content marketing strategy could solve the problem To find out how to develop the content marketing plan you can find the dicat article at this link . EMAIL MARKETING GENERATES FEW VISITS TO THE SITE: the entire email marketing strategy nes to be review. Check that the subject and body of the text are captivating.

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┬áMissing is an introduction that makes you curious to continue reading and click the link or you have a contact database that’s dat and nes Business Email List updating. PAID ADVERTISING BRINGS A LOT OF TRAFFIC BUT POOR CONVERSIONS: ideally PPC campaigns should be the primary source of conversions. If this is not the case we ne to analyze the landing pages are they clear and concise? Are they action orient via CTA? Make sure you’re not paying for site traffic that doesn’t convert to lead generation.

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NOTICE RECURRING BEHAVIORS: Looking at monthly or annual statistics it is possible to notice periods in which traffic and conversions DV Leads are higher or lower. Insights to better understand the market and the habits of prospects and customers: plan your budget so that it takes seasonality into account. What we have shown you so far are just some of the analyzes possible with Hubspot analytics but it is possible to go into even further details by analyzing the traffic sources one by one.

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