How Lawyers Can Stand Out in Search Engine Results

These “Off Page” factors  combine all the criteria to gain outside your website that search engines use to evaluate the relevance of the pages of your site. When we talk about off-page factors, we generally look at the number, type and quality of hyperlinks, or “backlinks”, that your site receives from other websites and/or social networks. Links to a page are like “votes” for that page in the eyes of search engines. But not all of these link votes are evaluated equally. Links from relevant, thematically authoritative sites and pages carry much more weight than those that are not. For example, a link from the news site is a much stronger “backlink” than a link from a small, recently created website.

There are unlimited ways to acquire links for your pages

One of the most obvious (and the one you’ll hear most often) is to simply create great content that people actually want to relate to. Of course, that’s often easier said Switzerland Phone Number List than done. Here are some common ways to attract links to your pages: Include legal profile links to your pages, Write articles on other websites or get interviewed by local newspapers, Post relevant information resources that other webmasters would be interested in (i.e. legal notices, tools, forms, documents…).

Local Ranking Factors

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Local ranking factors are the search signals that improve a business’s visibility in search results and results on Google Maps.

While there is some overlap between traditional organic ranking factors and local search ranking factors, there are also important distinctions.

To appear in local search results, make sure your DV Leads business name, address, and phone information is consistent on your site as well as across the web.

Also consider registering your business directly with Google My Business . So no one else is going to falsely claim your business.

Once registered, check regularly that the information provided is still current.

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