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I knew what I was suppos to write about but more and more often I didn t feel like it I was always more unmotivat than full of energy… And not infrequently I just couldn t concentrate on the topic and drift mentally Why I said goodbye to itorial plans After saying goodbye to social mia and moving toward social mia free mindful marketing I also question the usefulness of itorial plans for the first time. What s the point of itorial plans if they do me more harm than good If they inhibit my creativity and put pressure on me I decid to put itorial schules aside for a while and see what happens. Finding The self employ do not necessarily ne itorial plans to fill their blog with blog articles.

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How to write my blog articles without an itorial plan I use product relat plans It s not that I m recommending blogging without any plan or system no not at all. My system looks completely different now. Instead of orienting myself to arbitrary days of action Coffee Day or arbitrary numbers a blog article twice a month and putting myself under time pressure I stick to my plan the product or my service the customer Algeria Phone Number List journey and the barriers to purchase into focus. This helps me and my customers to determine relevant blog article topics and at the same time to remain flexible in terms of time . I let ideas rest If I have brainstorm new ideas for blog articles I sometimes implement them immiately. But sometimes I let them rest for a while.

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Everything is okay Exciting important ideas in particular sometimes ne time . They have to grow and gradually form into something big . This blog article and this blog article for example took months to mature before they DV Leads saw the light of day. If I had squeez them into a rigid itorial plank corset had I had a fix publication date like Women s Day and thought But now he has to come out I would probably have publish half bak texts.

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