How to Analyze Websites, Tools, and Examples

A website allows you to collect various data such as the number of visitors, length of visit, number of conversions and so on.

This can be used to determine website performance, develop an online business, website design and the content you provide for visitors.

The way to optimize the data is referred to as website analytics. In this article Sasana Digital will explain what is the meaning and examples of website analysis.

What is Website Analytics?

All websites can benefit from website analysis if the results contain errors and need to be corrected.

For example, data that shows your site is slow, you can fix that and make the website run faster.

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Website Analysis Steps
Before knowing the technical way to do website analysis, you must first know the steps that need to be taken, including:

Set Website Analytics Goals
Before conducting a website analysis, make Bermuda Email List sure you have defined the goals you want to achieve. Is the analysis only done to measure website speed or as a whole.

This will help you not spend time analyzing a website. For example, your website is slow, so you only need to use tools to check why your site is slow.

 Create a Website Analysis Step

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Once you have a goal, it’s time for you to make steps to do website analysis. For example, you are analyzing website speed, so what do you do first?

Of course analyzing website speed requires data. And we can get data regarding website speed with the Google Page Speed ​​Insight tool ( ).

After searching for data you can proceed DV Leads with finding information on website performance, determining what needs to be changed and so on.

Taking these steps will help you find temporary answers to the website problems you are experiencing.

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