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So through Dreamforce Gives, we donat $1 million to American Forests and One Tree Plant to grow trees in lower-income communities and reforest areas affect by wildfires. We also work together with Global Citizen ; a movement that mobilizes millions of people worldwide to protect the planet. Inspir by citizens’ actions around the world, this year we fund the restoration, conservation and growth of an additional 30 million trees. The largest tree project this year in the Netherlands In the Netherlands, our largest tree project this year is the food forest on farmer Joost’s yard.

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At the moment it is still waiting for the earth to settle down properly, but the planting of the 9,000 trees in the food forest is expect to start at the end of the year. We use the power of the Salesforce ecosystem to contribute to Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List the largest ecosystem on earth. Want to contribute yourself? Take a closer look at initiatives such as Trees For All ! The partners that make the food forest possible with us are: Accenture, Acuity, Appsolutely, Brightfox, Capgemini, CobraCRM, Colorful Penguins, Deloitte, Dept, Emakina, Emark, HR2Day, Ilionx, InfosysFluido, Intigris, Merkle, Talent Peaks, Wipro and Springbok. Thank you! Thanks to your great enthusiasm, we were able to help farmer Joost even more than expect.

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On behalf of all of us, we therefore help farmer Joost and the NoShit Food initiative with their crowdfunding campaign to make plant-bas vegetable cultivation (without fertilization) become the standard.Six tips to make the most of Giving Tuesday 2021 IN SALESFORCE CULTURE Six tips to make the most of Giving DV Leads Tuesday 2021 Don’t want to miss anything? Sign up for our online newsletter and stay inform of the latest content! The world nes charities more than ever. Organizations around the world are responding to the damaging effects of the pandemic and doing everything they can to make a lasting contribution to the communities in which they operate.

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