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The authors, Philip Kotler and Kevin Keller. Use their years of marketing management experience to help readers understand the fundamentals of the field. That book provides detail information on marketing strategies. Product planning, market segmentation, customer value creation, marketing communications. And many other important topics. The authors use examples from real-life companies to help readers understand how these concepts can be appli in practice. NThe book is ideal for students who want to gain a basic knowlge of marketing management, as well as for professionals who want to improve their skills.

Taking Advantage Of Mobile Internet Advertising

HOW TO USE MARKETING STRATEGIES ACCORDING. TO THE CONCEPT OF KOTLER AND KELLER FROM THE TH ITION A marketing strategy bas on the concept of Kotler and Keller from the th ition is bas on the use of four whatsapp mobile number list basic elements: segmentation, positioning, pricing and marketing communication. Segmentation is dividing the market into groups with similar characteristics, such as age, gender, income level, product preferences, etc. This allows companies to focus on specific groups of customers and provide them with products and services that are tailor to their nes. Positioning is the process of determining how a product or service is perceiv by customers.

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Content Marketing On Multiple Channels

Positioning can be us to distinguish a product or service in the market and ensure that it is perceiv as superior to the competition. Pricing is an important part of your marketing strategy. The price should be set in such a way as to ensure a profit for DV Leads the company, but at the same time be attractive to customers. Marketing communication is the process us to convey information about a product or service to customers. This may include advertising, promotions, public relations, internet marketing and other forms of communication. HOW TO USE MARKETING TOOLS ACCORDING TO THE CONCEPT OF KOTLER AND KELLER FROM THE TH ITION.

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