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It is so tempting to log in anyway, but you ne that free time to recover and recharge after a busy working day.” Attention for the future “As wellbeing advisors, we naturally want to continue to develop. We think we can gain a lot from the preventive determination of overwrought colleagues or burnouts. For example, we are also looking at possibilities to have our colleagues take preventive measures themselves against signs of deteriorating mental or physical health. Another project is providing courses on energy management, which look at activities that give your employee a lot or little energy. The phenomenal thing about Salesforce is that we are given the space to develop this and thus make everyone more mentally resilient.

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Our solutions to integrate sales, marketing and service IN SERVICE , SALES , MARKETING , CRM , CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE , DATA MANAGEMENT Our solutions to integrate sales, marketing and service Don’t want to miss anything? Sign up for our online newsletter and stay inform of the latest content! By listening to Finland WhatsApp Number List our customers, we know how important a consistent and integrat customer experience is. That’s why we develop Salesforce Customer 360 . In this way we offer solutions for today’s challenges and a strong foundation to build on in the future. How do you get a 360 degree customer overview? Think about the systems in your organization that still ne to be integrat with each other, for example in the areas of sales, marketing and service.

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A canonical data model streamlines your integrations around a shar contact ID. This contact ID becomes the hub for all your integration, data mapping, profile synchronization, and data anomaly resolution activities. “ Clean data and a well-thought-out strategy form a strong foundation for an integrat and consistent customer DV Leads experience.” MIHIR PANCHAL | SENIOR DIRECTOR, CROSS-CLOUD PROGRAM, SALESFORCE Usage scenarios as a basis After many conversations and extensive analysis with our customers, we have identifi a number of scenarios that regularly occur during the customer journey. These usage scenarios represent the most important moments of the customer journey.

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