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Confuse alt text and image title. They don’t have the same purpose, but they can complement each other. The alt text replaces the image when it cannot be seen, among other things, by search engines for SEO natural referencing. The title of the image gives additional information to better understand the subject. An alt tag for all image types Whatever the format of your image, an alternative text can be affix to it. Alt tags are compatible with the different existing formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF… Writing effective alt text Your image alt text gives us the opportunity to incorporate keywords in a relevant way. It should describe the image in a few words.

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When writing alt text for images on a web page, keep the following points in mind: Use keywords sparingly in your alt tag Use keywords sparingly. If, when describing an image, you can wisely incorporate one or two important Lithuania Business Email List keywords, great. This will effectively contribute to your SEO. But only if you do it honestly and sparingly. Search engines can’t recognize contextually “bad” or “useless” alt text, but you risk being downgrad for keyword stuffing . So your goal should be to specifically and succinctly describe any image that nes alt text. Include text that is part of the image When text is includ in an image, be sure to place it in your description.

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Unless you have to repeat yourself: if the title of your page is the announcement of a show for example, do not put the show back in the image presenting the poster of the show, because too much show kills the show , you follow ? Don’t add DV Leads alt text to “decorative” images “Decorative” images include items such as page dividers or certain icons… They make things look nicer or visually break up the content of a page. But they don’t have contextual importance or meaning, and so won’t help people better understand the page if they are offer alt text.

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