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She advocates genuineness and authenticity in marketing and believes that by having the courage to be vulnerable we can become role models for others and thus contribute to a better business world. In her storytelling coaching she shows you how to use real stories on your website blog and newsletter to make yourself visible and reach your desir customers. Social mia seems to be the place to be when it comes to showing yourself in person and building trust with potential customers. Because only there you can supposly share how you are sitting with your child and a smiley face on his face in the sandpit on the playground.

Yet Most Freelancers Manipulate

Only there you can show that you have order a pho with tofu from your favorite Vietnamese and that you are sooo looking forward to the weekend. And only there you can film yourself coming from a meeting with your favorite customer and being so thankful for your heart business. Or  Let s expand the topic of storytelling beyond the Sweden Phone Number List Insta Story universe What if you could use storytelling to tell stories anywhere that build trust with your potential customers What if you choose the places where the stories are told And what if the most important place for this is your website In this article I will tell you how you can use storytelling on your website to build trust with your potential customers.

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Don T Take Myself Out of That In the Past

Even without social mia. Contents Why storytelling Storytelling on your website Show empathy on the website Show competence on the website Conclusion Why storytelling Do you sometimes feel like storytelling is the new “shiny object” in marketing heaven I can understand that well. When I was studying marketing 20 years DV Leads ago nobody talk about it. The ne for this method grew with the absolute saturation of marketing channels . And quite simply with the fact that the companies could no longer get through with their marketing content in the crowd. The term originally comes from literature and film.

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