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For example, measuring how often certain training content has been view by your team doesn’t say anything about how much of it they’ve actually internaliz.” Organizations ne to link multiple data sources to get really powerful insights, continues Isebaert. “For example, by linking sales training data to conversion rates, you can draw much more relevant and effective conclusions.” Linking data together is also key to achieving a 360-degree customer view , which brings us to our next point… 3 Link your data to dynamically adjust the customer journey Our three experts agree that a 360-degree customer view is essential to provide a good experience.

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Customers are bombard with information and only the truly relevant and personaliz messages actually get through. “It is very important to communicate in a very target way. But for that you ne data. You have to understand your customers and your prospects”, confirms Isebaert. “If you can give your sales team a 360-degree view Indonesia Phone Number List of customers, you give them the tools to have much more relevant conversations with customers. And we’ve found that’s crucial in a world where it’s so incribly hard to grab attention of the people you’re trying to reach.” But information is not static, and the customer journey shouldn’t be either.

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Van Boven is in favor of using new data to continuously improve your working method for customers. “We create customer journeys bas on the data we have available,” he says. “But the journey is dynamic – as more data becomes available, we refine the journeys for our customers.” Ultimately, data is the basis of every good customer DV Leads experience . But to really use the insights that data offers, your employees ne the right knowlge. You also have to be realistic about what your data really means, and link different sources together. Only then can organizations ensure that every customer interaction is streamlin and purposeful.

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