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Many nonprofits believe they don’t have the people and resources for Giving Tuesday. But if you build this campaign into your end-of-year trajectory, you can reuse existing material and you don’t have to set up a completely new campaign. “Giving Tuesday is run as a separate campaign, but ties in well with our Christmas campaign. Compelling case studies and beautiful photos help get our message across,” said Pamela Vass, director of digital fundraising at Sightsavers. 3. Make use of personalization Approach people personally so that they feel more involv.

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Knowing what programs your supporters are interest in and what channels they use most can help you reach them in the right place with the right message. This also helps to make optimal use of your available resources. By tailoring your communications to your supporters’ interests and preferences, you can approach them in Egypt WhatsApp Number List a way that is more personal and meaningful to them. And you’re guarante to see that reflect in the results of your Giving Tuesday campaign. Laura McGrath, Senior Director of Industry Solutions Product Marketing for Nonprofit Cloud at, explains, “It is very helpful to have the right data collection tools to see what is working and what is not.” 4. Engagement through rich content.

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Think about what your supporters would like to read and what will add the most value to them. Whatever your strategy for Giving Tuesday, engagement is the most important element. So take the time to carefully imagine and plan the story you want to tell to engage your audience and inspire them to donate. The best way is DV Leads to raise money for a specific cause with one probing question or one poignant story. If you ask too many questions or make the topic too broad, chances are your message will get lost, especially on social mia. “The underlying message of our campaign was very serious. Still, we were looking for something that would connect our supporters with the community of parents of children with heart defects so that we could turn a very sad situation into something positive,” said Lawson.

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