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Tweak and tweak my itorial plan without publishing a single article… Therefore for me itorial plans are a typical case of prokrastiplanning . I keep myself busy with one task so as not to do what really matters writing. itorial plans quickly become outdat After the itorial plan was in place I “only” had to implement the whole thing. So far so good. The problem itorial plans didn t suit me the moment they were finish. Sometimes my goals have chang. Another time my topics. Then came a virus. Or war. Then I get an acute attack of seasickness again and have to go to the North Sea coast for a few days.

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Yes sometimes even a small banal cold of the child has l to the oh so great itorial plan no longer fitting.. itorial plans can be careless That s why my itorial schule has constantly caus me to be careless with myself. Rather than acknowlging that the itorial schule was no longer consistent in terms of timing or topic my top priority Albania Phone Number List was to stick to the itorial schule . I thought You just have to be more disciplin. Everyone works with itorial plans. What s in it ” “Now don t be like that. Just write this text ” The problem Unfortunately texts written out of coercion and discipline sound exactly like this forc.

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The texts which I “motivat” myself to write thanks to the itorial plan were okay and okay blog articles are of course also perfectly fine in themselves . But they weren t outstanding. It wasn t the blog articles that were shar and discuss DV Leads multiple times. Not the blog articles where forty people say thank you via email in one day. Pen notebook quill and candle lie next to a laptop Start yours now 100 Days of Mindfulness LEARN MORE itorial plans can take away the joy of writing Ultimately my itorial schule meant that I lost the joy of writing.

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