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When NIBC recogniz the ne to digitize operations in this business line as well , it turn to Salesforce. “We ne a flexible business model to adapt to changes in customer nes and behavior and maximize customer loyalty,” said Amne Ndyeshobola, Director Head of Finance & IT, Corporate Banking at NIBC. “For the digital transformation of the company, we ne a reliable and flexible CRM platform . And if you want to implement CRM, it makes sense to choose the best party on the market – and that is Salesforce .” A joint rollout bas on trust Amne had a clear vision of what she want to achieve with the Salesforce implementation.

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Her main guiding principle in the design, execution and implementation of Financial Services Cloud was to keep customization to a minimum. Amne realiz that by focusing on configuration rather than code, NIBC would be able to simplify future releases and quickly take advantage of new features. NIBC partner with Salesforce Professional Services to achieve this goal. “We chose Salesforce because of their experience implementing Hong Kong Phone Number List Financial Services Cloud in Europe, their expertise and their experienc staff,” said Amne. Collaboration was crucial to the success of the project, especially as the work had to be done remotely due to COVID-19. But thanks to a strong team of business stakeholders and a clear governance framework for quick decisions, the project was a resounding success.

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Projects always come with challenges, but our transparent relationship with the Salesforce team and mutual trust allow us to overcome all issues.” As a result, the project was complet on time – in just nine months – and remain DV Leads within budget. 360 degree customer overview Financial Services Cloud offers NIBC lead management, account management and mobile capabilities while simplifying GDPR compliance . NIBC employees now benefit from a 360-degree customer view power by artificial intelligence to solve problems in new and smarter ways.

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