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A good time to look both back and forward. It was a year in which we embrac hybrid working more than a year ago and in which we achiev many great milestones. I would like to take you through my highlights: Searching for balance and connection We have seen almost all forms of hybrid working in recent times . From complete lockdowns and working from home to a bit of going to the office. I see that our employees handle this well, despite the fact that every change means that you have to look for a balance between work and private life again.

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Work is very much about connection on all fronts and you notice that working from home disrupts our social connection somewhat. We help our customers find solutions to their challenges and personal contact is extremely valuable in this respect. Our growth shows that we can also help them remotely, but with a personal connection Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List with each other, and with the customer, the collaboration is even stronger. Meetings in virtual reality But challenges also lead to innovation, because how do you ensure that you can still make that connection with each other if you don’t see each other? That is why we came up with an alternative, for example, to meet with customers in Virtual Reality.

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Salesforce+ In addition to the acquisition and further integration of Slack this year, we launch another service during Dreamforce that fits our new way of working; streaming service Salesforce+ . On this service – say the Netflix for business content – you will find inspiring content for anyone who wants to be successful in a digital world, no matter where you are. I myself am also inspir by sessions such as: Ensuring a Safe Return DV Leads to Work How Siemens Is Innovating To Find New Ways Of Working Transitioning to a Sustainable Economy Our local stamp In my preview of 2021, I wrote that Salesforce want to make more local impact in the Netherlands. At a business level, we saw that Dutch companies miss opportunities in the field of digitization and service.

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