Flexibility During Peak Demand

So Who cares Lettering Mom made of flowers The Gender Care Gap is a problem for mothers There s a very very good chance it s you. That you dream big and build your heart business while wiping butt and sorting laundry at the same time . Self realization meets Gender Care Gap Because the Gender Care Gap – it s a thing. Women do 52.4 more care work than men. And if you re in your thirties and have kids it s a whopping 110.6 more. According to the DIW mothers also spend four hours more with care work on Sundays than their partners . And even when both parents work full time women still do 41 more care work. How much time is actually left for self realization.

Massive Switch to Working

Now for real and without the pink Pinterest inspiration quote glasses For more than five years I have been working mainly with other self employ women mostly mothers and can therefore say that a large proportion of these Nigeria Phone Number List women struggle. big time The reality is that self employ mothers often… are the ones who have to spontaneously reschule because homeschooling is on the agenda again cancel important professional appointments to look after their sick children because fathers can t just take time off like that . have to move to the kitchen because the man works from home and nes the study work weekends because that s often the only way they can catch up on things.

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From Home and Remote Assistants

They couldn t do during the week work late or until their eyes close because during the day they re the ones picking up kids from daycare and entertaining them additionally do the invisible part of the care work which is call mental DV Leads load i.e. think about things keep an eye on plan organize unpaid. Unseen. Unappreciat. As if that weren t bad enough there are a staggering number of business and social mia coaches out there who ignore these societal realities and take the you can do anything if you work hard enough idea to the extreme. Is your business not as successful as you would like.

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