Platforms to create a social media resume

Creating your portfolio can be a visually perfect complement to add to your resume and cover letter. Some benefits of the social portfolio: It provides you with differential value, not everyone has a social portfolio. You show recruiters and companies. The results achieved with your work; Show your achievements in a more visual and attractive way; Evergreen document, where you can update your work quickly and easily. Things we can include in this social portfolio. Summary of your Internet activity.

Platforms to Pinterest

Furthermore, if you write your email database name or word in the Google search engine in quotes, you will see more results. Analyze the position in which mentions about you occupy. A very interesting tool to monitor our reputation is Google Alerts. which allows us to create alerts related to our brand and professional name. When someone mentions you on the Internet. Google will send you a notice. Networking Networking is another important factor that we must work on in our social media resume. Since several studies say that up to 80% of job offers do not come. They are covered through contacts .

Social Portfolio

Work experience with clients and the results DV Leads obtained; Success stories (how many followers, impact of publications, engagement); References from other professionals (recommendations from professionals on LinkedIn) Creative skills. Instagram posts with more impact) Show your digital reputation (publications on other blogs, interviews, mentions on websites, search results on Google etc. Your 2.0 relationships communities from different social networks, images with other professionals at events. Feedback from other professionals in your publications, etc.

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