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Brands know exactly where their customers are at any given time. They can use the information about time, place and intention to tter serve customers. For example, a lunchroom can decide to open earlier bas on data about the intention and location of customers. The nefit of this real-time information for consumers is service that is tter tailor to them. Think of apps that depend on geolocation, for example to provide information about traffic, carpooling and the weather. This allows people to decide to hit the road at a less busy time, so that they are on the road for less time, or to take into account bad weather conditions. Click & collect Shoppers nefit from the time savings and convenience of viewing and buying online, combin with quick in-store pickup.

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Click & collect is a popular alternative to searching the aisles of a physical store or waiting for an online order to deliver. Click & collect is a form of e-commerce that gives customers insight into the stock and availability of products India WhatsApp Number List and at the same time closes the gap tween online and offline purchasing. Customers no longer have to drive to a store and fight for a parking spot only to find out that their product is not in stock. Contactless payment Partly due to the security concerns creat by the pandemic, customers are now making full use of a variety of contactless payment options.

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You can think of online payments, which we have en doing for a long time, but in shops, mobile wallet technology is also increasingly ing us. This payment method was us 29% more often in 2020 than in the previous year . By 2025, more DV Leads than 50% of smartphone users are expect to use a mobile wallet. Personalization Most consumers don’t mind sharing their data with brands, but they expect something in return. Shoppers expect brands to know them personally, communicate in a personal way, and cater to their unique, personal nes.

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