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Always advise people not to see further training as a one-off, but to make some time for it every week, or rather every day, so that you continuously improve yourself,” says Vandevelde. “In this way you not only increase your chances with your current or prospective employer, but you also prevent your development from stagnating. Moreover, it is very good for your mental health to continue to develop.” Vandevelde knows from its own experience what benefits this can have for your career. He once start in a call center and has been continuously train. Today, he is a Salesforce architect and manager at Wipro Ltd , an international consulting firm.

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Ways to ucate yourself The demand for Salesforce expertise is only increasing. In Belgium, the associat ecosystem is expect to lead to 7,400 new jobs in 2024 and a turnover of approximately € 2.9 billion. So this is a good time to brush up on your knowlge of Salesforce. “ Upskilling in Salesforce is easy because there are so many Cambodia WhatsApp Number List different options.” JOHN VANDEVELDE “You can take lessons in person or via a webinar at the Trailhead Academy , watch YouTube channels , attend networking events or take free online courses through Trailhead . So you decide what is the most convenient way for you to delve into the subject matter says Vandevelde.

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Further training as a stepping stone to a great career When Vandevelde learn to work with Salesforce in the department, he then us all available information sources to increase his knowlge of Salesforce. Eventually, that l to an invitation to join the Salesforce admin team. “Suddenly I was surround by colleagues who knew much DV Leads more than I did, so of course I want to catch up as quickly as possible!” says Vandevelde. “I lov discovering the possibilities of Salesforce. After a year I had five Salesforce certifications in my pocket.” Vandevelde has now obtain 22 Salesforce certifications and has been working as a consultant for five years now.

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