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Can the smartphone give me what I ne What ne am I trying to fulfill with social mia consumption Does this scrolling get me any further What is the habit behind reaching for the smartphone Can I identify a trigger By the way journaling is a great way to accompany the reflection process. Accept that every person is unique It s crazy actually as an introvert I hate big events with every fiber of my being. But when I see how colleagues hang around at exactly these events and take their selfies I get a little jealous. Why actually Everyone has different personalities values interests and goals.

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And just because some people think it s great to pack up all the tents and travel the world in a small van doesn t mean that it has to be a suitable life plan for me. Here s a phrase that has always help me when comparisonitis has taken hold on social mia It s okay to have a quiet life and be content. ” Even if other people lead a wild one. Train Egypt Phone Number List presence mindfulness and gratitude Decide to stop using your smartphone in certain situations. Yes in the end it is as simple as that. Establish smartphone free zones or smartphone free times at home and… eat consciously without a smartphone go for a walk without a smartphone and podcast . declare your broom.

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Because if you re sitting happily in your beach chair by the North Sea or on your deck chair in the garden it doesn t matter that influencers are swinging in the hammock in Bali. Of course you can also integrate digital mindfulness DV Leads into your social mia practice and for example Target unfollowing of accounts that aren’t good for you and trigger FOMO Uninstall social mia apps on weekends or do a longer social mia detox or a digital detox right away I wrote down 21 ideas for social mia breaks here.

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