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A typical case of Prokrastibranding Prokrasti… what Well Prokrasti branding Deferring important tasks by keeping myself busy with mostly unnecessary design tasks. But alas there is more. Much more. Here is an overview of the most common types of procrastination among self employ people. Do you recognize yourself anywhere  Contents Prokrasti branding Procrastitooling procrastination tunnelling Procrastination planning Procrastination posting Prokrastichecking and Prokrastitracking Prokrastilearning Procrastination Type 1 Procrastibranding No matter what the question “design” is always the right answer for you.

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Before you can launch your website you ne a fancy logo. Every part of your marketing is meticulously planned and supported with checklists automations and workflows. You are currently planning to start a blog. The emphasis here is on “plans”. After all writing and publishing a blog article isn’t possible… just like that is it No you must Guatemala Phone Number List first create a detailed editorial plan The topics and ideas that are still buzzing around in your head first have to be brought into a meaningful sequence… And ideally they also match the rest of your content on Instagram and Facebook… But that s not that easy… How often do you want to publish blog articles at all Twice or rather four times a month Oh and the promotions and public holidays.

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Announces That She Made a Million

Who would want to book you if the beige tone is suboptimal Procrastination Type 2 Procrastitooling You ve been on the start with newsletter to do list for a long time but you just don t know which tool Mailchimp is too easy. Active Campaign too complicat. Click tip … too expensive. ConvertKit…too American. The easiest way DV Leads would be if you could send out your newsletters yourself somehow and… uuuh… good idea Research the next seven weeks and watch testimonials on YouTube Unfortunately you re just as smart afterwards as you were before but giving up isn t a solution. You know the perfect newsletter tool is out there somewhere.

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