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Regularly find myself wondering why a certain article isn t ranking for a keyword. And when I look in the Google Search Console I see that Google hadn t even index this URL yet. Stupid if it s a page or a blog article that should definitely rank In this case I manually apply for indexing and the page is actually found. Submit site to Google The search engine Google With a market share of over 90 Google is the most popular search engine in Germany. No wonder. Hardly any other search engine provides such precise search results.

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But of course that has its price Google s search results are highly personaliz and depend on the location and the individual search history . Google automatically crawls your site so in theory you don t ne to do anything to submit your Georgia Phone Number List site to Google. In practice however it has proven useful to connect the website to the Google Search Console . In the Google Search Console you can among other things check if all your pages are actually index and if necessary apply for a new indexing Here you can get more information about the Google Search Console. 2 Submit your website to Bing The search engine Bing 5.24 search the web with Bing in April.

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This makes Bing the second largest search engine after Google. To register your website for Bing you use the so call Bing Webmaster Tools . Here you can create an account for free and send your URLs directly to Bing. If you ve already sign into Google Search Console you can also let Bing access it directly. 3 Website on Yahoo register The DV Leads search engine Yahoo About 0.7 of Germans us Yahoo as a search engine in April 2022. Not much. Yahoo uses Bing technology and search results . That s why you don t have to register your website for Yahoo.

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