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Even if your product is the best available, good after-sales service remains essential for your reputation and the trust, experience and loyalty of your customers. As we rely more and more on digital customer service today , it is essential to support your service agents with the right systems. But what are the characteristics of an excellent service platform? In this blog, Geertjan Woltjes, COO of boiling water tap pioneer Quooker , talks about the key components of a good consumer experience and how they are support by the company’s systems. Effective collaboration is the foundation of a great consumer experience Whether exchanging best practices, informal advice or specific customer contexts, employee collaboration is essential for good service.

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And over the past 18 months, we’ve all learn how important it is for employees to be able to collaborate digitally. “Collaboration is an important topic,” confirms Woltjes. “Whether you work from home or from different countries, every team nes the right technologies to work together.” Now that service employees no longer work from a call center but from home, informal conversations in the office have been replac by digital Russia WhatsApp Number List messages. “Good collaboration tools ruce the number of emails,” says Woltjes. “It’s very important that your platform allows employees from the same and different departments to work together.” A 360-degree customer overview is essential In addition to instant messaging, screen sharing and whiteboard technologies, it is also crucial for collaboration that everyone has access to the same information.

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This means that your platform must provide one central source of information. In fact, 79% of service professionals say it’s impossible to deliver great service without the whole customer context . This is not a problem for Quooker, because DV Leads the service employees all have a 360-degree customer overview thanks to the use of Service Cloud . An efficient field service enables better consumer experiences With 70% of consumers saying they still prefer face-to-face service appointments, organizations ne to provide digital support to their field reps as well.

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