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After a while he got really mad and flail his arm. That s a very crass scenario. Or Gordon Yes definitely. When I was doing my apprenticeship that was before the war there was even a point “dangerous” or “fatal” on this display of the voltage at some point. Vladislav But you may not become a true authority. A true authority for me is someone who has an authoritarian display but also knowledge. Someone who really knows what he s talking about and can convey it Gordon.

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Vladislav Ah okay. Gordon And yet the guy who had to administer the electric shocks continu. Even if he knew that he could seriously injure the other volunteer. Vladislav And the truth behind it was simple there were no electric shocks Finland Business Email List at all the volunteer was an actor. And Stanley Milgram just want to see how we value authority. And this scientist in the white coat was the authority on the case and the experiment just show that we trust authority very strongly even when it can harm people that s really gross. I tell myself now that if I had been there I would have really thought about it but in a situation like this you might decide differently.

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Gordon Right right. And when you re in there it s a wonderful way to hand off responsibility to whoever has authority. Vladislav Exactly that s basically what he did. Gordon It doesn t fucking matter if I kill him now it s not my fault because DV Leads I had to do it because I was told to. Vladislav Yes exactly. Gordon That s a scientific explanation of why we trust authorities and why we like to submit to these authorities I almost said but that s again too negative. Authorities have a human attraction to us we look for them so to speak. Vladislav We just trust them quite a lot.

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