Rely on Sustainable Strategies

Take a look behind the scenes Realize that you only ever see the stage version on social mia. The highlights. The end product. The crème de la crème. You see the retouch highly polish snapshots which in most cases do not correspond to complete reality . And when you compare your behind the scenes self to someone s stage performance on social mia you can only lose. When FOMO or comparisonitis pops up tell yourself That s not the whole picture. This is shown in abbreviat form. That s only part of the truth. learn to be alone Practice spending time alone . Start with five minutes if a longer period of time still overwhelms you.

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Observe the thoughts and feelings that come up without judgment. Concentrate on your breath . Enjoy doing something alone and just for you go for a walk alone Note your thoughts. And all the sensational ideas that come automatically as soon as you turn down the noise from “outside” a little. Play learn a musical instrument. Read El Salvador Phone Number List a book. Turn FOMO into JOMO Joy Of Missing Out or LOMO Love Of Missing Out How I love to miss things on social mia these days. the bots the hate. The scumbags. The unreal advice from privileg coaches who have no idea what it means to be a self employ mother and juggle with child job and household.

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 From the Start And Practice

Everything has two sides. Realize what you gain if you miss something. I know it s a lot Learn to be unproductive You can also just ignore the productivity and self improvement hype and do something crazy like Sleep in take DV Leads spontaneous time off and spend the whole work day watching Bridgerton Season 2 read a shallow novel where you already know from the first page how the story will end Cooking without a podcast.

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