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Do You Have Seasonal Content

It doesn’t often happen that you have such high percentages however the best performing pages must be carefully analyz in order to objectively understand which elements are most attractive to your visitors and then develop the subsequent ones bas on this data. POSITIONING OF THE IMAGE LENGTH OF THE FORM TEXT STYLE CLEAR AND CONCISE […]

How do you intend to help users

DIRECT TRAFFIC IS GREATER THAN ORGANIC TRAFFIC: it means that only people who know the site are finding it perhaps by directly entering the URL into the browser. However those who are carrying out a keyword search do not arrive at your site search engines do not position it in the right way favoring other […]

Planning the Social Strategy

HubSpot provides valuable statistics in terms of conversion rates and number of leads generat from each source. sources Where is the traffic coming from? Which digital Planning the Social strategy is bringing the most benefits? Which one should be strengthen instead? To answer these questions fundamental in every B2B digital campaign a glance is enough: […]

Much of the Time Spent Trying

The future is closely interconnect to the present: if you want to make accurate prictions on the performance of your company it is essential to study the precise current situation. Effective analytical knowlge is a critical factor in today’s marketing world which is why we hear more and more Much of the Time often about […]

Creator Fund Unless You Have

And what’s the most effective way to request a customer review? It’s a pretty close race between email. In-person. On a receipt. And through social media. According to the survey. Gathering a bunch of recent 5-star reviews is great. But if you really want to wow customers. Reply to your reviews. 88% of consumers said […]

Any Other Way See Our List Above

They don’t tell shoppers what their brand is. They ask current users to show it. Gopro gathers ugc user-generate content by asking customers to tag images and video posts with a hashtag like gopro. Consumers trust authentically create ugc over other types of content. So this strategy generates a lot of confidence in the gopro […]

You Can’t Join the TikTok

That’ll help ease customers’ confusion.You Can’t Many people turn to social media when they nee help. So it’s a natural place to answer questions and give guidance. Nike. For example. Has a dedicate twitter account it uses to solve its customers’ dilemmas. Nike doesn’t only use Nike service to answer individual questions. Though. The brand […]

Number of Followers You Have

The brand listene. Update the bottle. And the tiktoker share the story. That one interaction became a free focus group. Advertisement. User-generate content. And customer testimonial. The company showe they were listening to customer concerns and built a lot of goodwill in the process. Listen for competitor and keyword mentions what happens to your competitors […]

Facebook and Instagram Videos

Video-editor-edit-video-donuts-split-audio-track-14 Layer Facebook and Audio To add commercial music click the audio button and browse the library. You can also upload your own music or voiceovers. Drag and drop audio tracks to adjust when they stop and start and raise or lower the volume as necessary. You can also change how the tracks fade in […]

Life Events and Digital Activities

With your brand. To keep the design consistent Life Events and make sure to change each overlay. Adjust the Audio TikTok templates include royalty-free audio optimized for the content and pacing of the ad. To replace the default track scroll down and click the Select Music button. Then choose another track from the TikTok music […]