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9 Ways Website Investors Use Rank Trackers

If you’ve ever heard of Ranktracker, you know that this software is a fantastic tool for tracking search engine rankings, researching keywords, and analyzing competition. A seamless platform that uses top-notch data sources, ultimately delivering SEO benefits. It’s suitable for many businesses, large or small, and has many satisfied customers. However, the Purpose of This […]

How to Drive Sales Through Hyper Personalization

People want to feel special. Marketers and sales professionals around the world have known this for a long time, and have developed marketing and sales techniques that take advantage of this phenomenon. Personalization and hyper-personalization are also one of these techniques. If you go to Apple’s official website right now and try to buy an […]

How will Core Web Vitals change testing optimization

Core web vitals are based on Real User Metrics (RUM). Google uses anonymous Chrome user data, which can be found in the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX). We use this data to measure the three metrics described above and use them to generate rankings. RUM data is also used in synthetic web performance monitoring tools. […]

8 Meta Description Mistakes You Should Stop

Google alone processes more than 63,000 searches per second every day. So how can you get consumers to click on your page instead of another page? To increase your click-through rate (CTR), you should spend time adding meta descriptions to your site’s web pages. A high-quality meta description can make a big difference in driving […]