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Create Personalized Experiences 

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a highly personalize and targeted marketing strategy that focuses on individual businesses. In this strategy, marketing is planned and implement in a way that engages target customers . generates  valuable conversations and relationships, and meets their specific needs.Create Personalized In recent years, ABM has become one of the most popular marketing […]

From inbound strategy to account based marketing

What is account – based marketing ? It is a marketing technique aimed at intercepting (and then communicating with) a specific target , identifying the tone of voice, the topics and levers of interest towards the target interlocutor and subsequently informing him about a specific service or product, indicating the aspects , the specifics, the useful information that are really of […]

 Bottom line, ABM is still one of the most

Leveraging Digital Platforms : Digital platforms, such as social media . programmatic advertising, and email marketing, are powerful tools for ABM. It is crucial to leverage these platforms to reach your target customers in a personalized way. For example, use programmatic advertising to display personalized ads to your target customers or send personaliz.   Bottom line most emails to […]

How to make account-based marketing work better

The marketing funnel aimed at the Account Based Marketing process does not in fact aim to attract leads to a landing page towards a fast conversion process, but rather aims to attract a small and specific number of contacts with whom to start a personalization and engagement process aimed at creating of a relationship that is not fast and […]

Regularly creating quality content is time-consuming

The PDCA or “Deming Wheel” method is an iterative improvement structure invented by Walter A. Shewhart and popularized by Mr. Deming (source Wikipedia ). She contributed to the success of the Toyota company. The PDCA method is based on 4 iterative steps (which are repeated once the last step is completed). In this step, you determine your […]

How can information be secured

Technology can be used to protect data, for example by limiting access (using passwords or magnetic cards to control access to data), or by using encryption so that data cannot be read only with a code. All computer components must be updated regularly to protect against viruses and hacking. In this article, you have learned […]

What is the purpose of securing access to your data

There you go, we’ve gone through many tools and methods to secure access to your data and protect your business. Whatever the tool, I recommend that you follow these 4 principles: Do not easily assign rights that impact the work done by others (modification and/or deletion), Limit users whose actions may have an impact on your […]

User management is not fixed

In addition, as a business manager, the GDPR requires you to protect the personal data of your customers . It is now your legal responsibility to properly protect your access and data! Indeed, with this new law, your customers can turn against you in the event of hacking. Be careful when giving access to all tools that […]

Secure access to your online advertising managers

Until now, the consequences of poor access could be annoying but without affecting your cash flow. The situation is different with advertising platforms. Giving certain levels of access to your employees is like giving them your credit card with your PIN code! An incompetent (or even ill-intentioned) user can easily spend money unnecessarily by running […]

Search Console are more or less technical

Complementing Google Analytics, the Google Search Console is the health center of your website. It’s the equivalent of a check-up by Doctor Google! To get a clear view of the problems on your website identified by Google, regularly review the recommendations of your Search Console. Some errors reported by Search Console are more or less technical. […]

Spend as little time as possible with all your tools

This is for example the case with #audreytips: A team takes care of our accounts on Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn Another manages WordPress, Twitter, Mailchimp, Google Search Console, Analytics In addition, we also share access to some of the tools with the rest of the team to help us on this or that point. finally, our […]