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Meetings in Virtual Reality Another innovation we us was virtual reality (VR) . VR is a completely different and immersive ‘wow experience’ and is virtually. The only way to bring back customer intimacy and interaction in a virtual way. Another factor was the focus argument. Those who are in a VR meeting are not distract by their phone or emails. You put on a VR headset and are ‘cut off’ from the real world. Actually exactly. Like in a ‘real’ meeting you don’t have the constant distraction of your cat wanting attention or a message you get on your phone. We realiz a Salesforce VR environment where you have the option to personalize your avatar (the ‘doll’ that you are): so you can really look like yourself.

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Add to that the fact that your mouth moves when you talk and you can see your gestures: et voila, you have a recipe for success! For example, in the last session we still thought we were in San Francisco because the VR environment was set up like our Customer Innovation Center. A number of our colleagues and customers have Tunisia WhatsApp Number List already met each other in a virtual world thanks to Virtual Reality and we are hearing positive reactions. People have the feeling of having face-to-face meetings back and they love that you see, for example, head and arm movements. As far as I’m concern, VR meetings are a good example of the future of work.

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The best thing about VR encounters? Social distancing does not exist. Don’t want to miss anything? Sign up for our online newsletter and stay inform of the latest content! Digital trendsetters from around the world are focusing on a DV Leads number of focal points to transform the customer experience with their digital strategy. With the power of Salesforce, they achieve success wherever they are. Recent world events have highlight the importance of putting the customer at the center of all business processes and activities. Already 60% of interactions between customers and brands around the world take place digitally.

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