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This plan has already made such an impact that WEF CEO Saadia Zahidi has stat that it could increase the size of the global economy by $6.5 trillion over the next decade. There is certainly a ne for it, as the demand for factory workers continues to decline , while the number of engineering and relat jobs rises . Ryan Roslansky, CEO of LinkIn, even stat at the WEF that the current demand for 150 million technical jobs in artificial intelligence (AI), information technology (IT), product management and software development will increase over the next five years due to the increasing digitization of the global economy.

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This indicates a great ne for training and retraining for people from all kinds of backgrounds, such as customer service, retail and hospitality. Digitization will also increase in sectors such as healthcare and ucation. Skills = Currency Whether you’re a bartender or work in a store, you already have skills you can use for sales or customer Italy WhatsApp Number List service, says Roslansky. “A waiter has 71% of the skills requir for, say, a customer service position,” he continues. “Also, a bartender has about 47% of the skills requir for a position in sales. It’s not just about jobs. It’s about the skills requir for the jobs. Skills are the currency. It’s now easier than ever to acquire these skills.” Online training platforms such as LinkIn Learning, Pearson.

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Eraak Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, and others provide access to in-demand skills at a fraction of the cost. People can now acquire specific skills wherever, whenever and however they want. This enables people around the world to acquire skills that give them more economic opportunities. Because of the improv possibilities, you DV Leads could say that high-quality talent no longer nes to be in the same city as your company. The work-anywhere model offers new opportunities for growth and productivity. “Employers can break down traditional boundaries and tap into new talent pools to create a more innovative, diverse, and inclusive workforce,” said Salesforce President and Chief People Officer.

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