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But not everyone has that skill, and that threatens to hinder not only future generations, but also future innovations. “As employers, we ne to find a solution to the skills shortage,” says Ruben Nieuwenhuis, Managing Partner at TechGrounds, which trains people from all backgrounds to become IT professionals. “We can do that by being involv in people’s ucation earlier.” And that is exactly what Tempels has done. As an ICT ambassador, she visit schools in the hope of enthusing young people to work in the digital world. But she ran into a problem: digital was seen as difficult and nerdy, especially among women and girls.

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Then I discover CoderDojo in Ireland. There was one rule, and that was to be cool,” says Tempels. She was so inspir by the work of this non-profit organization that she found a Belgian group, of which she is now the president. CoderDojo provides young people with an informal learning environment where they can explore technology in a Venezuela Phone Number List creative way. In Belgium, the organization now continuously reaches around 18,000 children with the support of 2,000 volunteers. 2. Collaborate with non-profit organizations Tempels’ work at CoderDojo and Telenet taught her a lot about the importance of collaboration between companies and non-profits.

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You discover what engagement really means,” she says. “The power of involvement is something we sometimes miss in business.” By partnering with nonprofits, companies and their teams can experience greater meaning by supporting DV Leads valuable work in local communities. “It gives your employees the opportunity to contribute to society. We ne to do more to tackle major social problems such as poverty, health and ucation. Collaboration between companies and BY SALESFORCE NETHERLANDS What’s it like to be a father and work full-time? IN HR , EQUALITY At Salesforce, we have a lot of fathers who combine work with family Don’t want to miss anything.

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