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On the other hand, it may be useful to explain the type of image (portrait, illustration, graphic, screenshot Some examples of relevant alt tags Your image represents a couple kissing under the Eiffel Tower on a winter morning Good reflex alt text: couple kissing under the Eiffel Tower in winter Correct alternative: A couple kissing Not valid: A couple Your image represents a pink flower in a bucolic garden illuminat by the sun. Good reflex alt text: Pink flower in a bucolic garden in the sun Correct alternative: Pink flower in a garden Not valid: Flower Your image represents the Pont des Arts in Paris in rainy weather Good reflex alt text.

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Pont des arts in Paris in the rain Correct alternative: Pont des Arts in Paris Not valid: Pont des Arts Your image is the face of an elderly woman on a white background Good reflex alt text: Face of an elderly woman on a white background Correct alternative: Face of an elderly woman Not valid: Face of a woman Our tips for working on your alt tags Cyprus Business Email List Stop misconceptions An alternative text can possibly remain empty without this penalizing your SEO ranking in a decisive way. If the image is only intend to decorate a page, it does not ne to exist in the eyes of search engines.

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When you can, and in case the image is important in your site referencing, avoid those that include text, because the text includ in the visual is not taken into account by search engines. Don’t do keyword stuffing. Describe your image with 4 or 5 well-select words. An empty alt attribute is a miss opportunity to improve image rankings in DV Leads search engines. Also, it does not provide a good experience for visually impair users.How to Promote a Facebook Group 7 months ago2,418 views10 minutes On Codeur, quickly find a freelancer to carry out your Social Mia project. See available community managers Businesses should use both Pages and Groups in their Facebook marketing.

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